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Fully accredited TVET Colleges. Paid Internships. Earn while you earn. Work abroad program. Career Focused Training. Flexible study options. Secure your future now.
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As one of the largest private TVET colleges in Johannesburg. Tgs college stand ready is ready to help you secure your future. Tgs TVET College has the resources to respond to your education and training needs. Our facilities are world-class and are easily accessible. Learn from Home. Study while you work. Secure your future.

11 reasons why everyone choose Tgs college?

1. Work placements in leading organisations
2. Learn while you earn
3. Practical learning
4. Flexible study options
5. Exceptional communication
6. Exciting & interactive classes

7. Mentoring program
8. You will be taught by industry experts
9. Internationally recognized college
10. Free leadership training
11. Very professional lecturers
12. State-of-the-art facilities

Alumni success stories

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Alumni testimonials

Kyla Swarts
Kyla Swarts
Fence SA
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I was employed in my 4th month by 2 fellow students to be in charge of their new company IT and web development. The salary is good. But I feel more good when clients praises the company's site which I developed.
Christiaan Cawood
Christiaan Cawood
Urban dots
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Because of the business management short course and the business mentorship program I now make over R1 600 000/m. We used to make an average of R170 000/m. And I was always left with nothing after expenses. It was like running a non profit.
Cornelia Thompson
Cornelia Thompson
Data scientist
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Tgs college's 6 months data science course gives you 2x more knowledge and experience than most 3 year degrees. But I benefited more from the connections I made while I was at Tgs college. Now I work remotely for 2 companies earning £7903/m.
Tilder Nyashadzashe
Tilder Nyashadzashe
Mushagashe training student
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I have always wanted to study copywriting and nutrition so that I can start my blog. I am a better copywriter today because of Tgs college. But I miss everyone I met while studying at Tgs college. Not forgetting my lecturer Mr Gumbi. I will forever be grateful.
TVET colleges’ accreditation providers includes UMALUSI, QCTO, HWSETA & other providers.

A TVET college is a Technical and Vocational Education and Training college. In short it is a college that offers practical vocational training and technical skills development. Equipping students with the knowledge and skills they require to work in specific professions.

TVET is an abbreviation for Technical and Vocational Education and Training. TVET courses are vocational or occupational by nature. A student receives education and training with a view towards a specific range of jobs, employment or entrepreneurial possibilities. Under certain conditions, some students may qualify for admission to a University of Technology to continue their studies at a higher level in the same field of study as they were studying at the TVET College.

TVET colleges offers practical courses that include:

  • Project management
  • Cyber security
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business management
  • Copywriting
  • End-user computing
  • Supply chain management
  • Graphic design
  • Hr management
  • Risk management
  • App & Web development
  • Data Science
  • Office Administration
  • Public relations
  • Business administration
  • Leadership & Management

Failing to pass your matric does not mean the end of your career. You can enrol at several accredited TVET colleges that offer courses without matric qualifications. Tgs TVET College is a Technical and Vocational Education that offers short courses that you can enroll in without matric. Tgs TVET College offers occupational and skills training courses that provide students with scarce and critical skills and practical experience in different fields. All their courses are accredited. Tgs TVET College is a leader in the private Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges sector. Tgs has been rated as one of the best TVET Colleges in South Africa. Tgs college is one of the best TVET colleges in Johannesburg.

Technical and Vocational Education and Training is a college that focus on providing hands-on training and practical skills. TVET colleges were previously known as FET colleges. Training includes engineering, healthcare, business, hospitality, information technology, etc. Tgs TVET college is a modern institution interested in cultivating a conducive environment where students can learn in flexible environment.

Tgs College is also accredited by DHET, SETA and QCTO as a TVET college. SETA stands for sector education and training authority. QCTO stands for quality council for trades and occupations. DHET stands for department of higher education & training.

Tgs TVET college is open for registration. Tgs college is one of the best TVET college Johannesburg.

University is not your only option for furthering your studies. TVET Colleges are the best alternative to universities.

All students are liable for their own tuition fees. Engineering studies students who do not qualify for financial aid, (NSFAS) must pay the full course/tuition fee on the day of registration. Kindly note that Tgs college is a private institution and is not funded by NFSAS

The National Development Plan is also known as NDP. It’s intention is to create jobs. Subsidies wages to help easy unemployment. For this to be successful the youth must be skilled. Register today at Tgs TVET college and take advantage of these newly created job opportunities.

  • TVET colleges focus on the employability of graduates.
  • Students are required to complete experiential training internships and apprenticeships which helps graduates build up experience.
  • TVET colleges offer different courses.
  • You can choose courses which interest you.
  • There are many TVET colleges in South Africa to choose from. Public TVET colleges and private TVET colleges
  • TVET courses are accredited.
  • Tvet colleges are independently monitored to ensure quality standards and accreditation by the International organization for standardization (ISO).
  • TVET collages’ quality of education and training is internationally benchmarked.
Tgs TVET College focuses on innovation, creativity and responsiveness. They promote a integrity, loyalty and mutual trust. Their goal is to be accountable and transparent. Their dedication to quality is beyond reproach.

Public TVET Colleges are operated by the government. While private TVET colleges are operated by private individual companies. All are established and operated under the management of the Department of Higher Education and Training. Tgs TVET College equips students with necessary knowledge, skills, values and competencies. Allowing them access to learning opportunities. And ensuring that they become economically productive. Tgs TVET college is a leading provider of Education and Training in mainly business and IT courses. Their courses are internationally recognized and are fully accredited. Their qualifications are in high demand.

Are you looking for the best TVET College in South Africa? Look no further. Tgs college is one of the biggest TVET college in Johannesburg. They produce industry ready graduates. All TVET Colleges are run by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Best TVET colleges in South Africa

Tvet colleges in South Africa

There are many TVET colleges in South Africa. Tgs College is one of the best TVET colleges in South Africa. Most colleges and universities are filled. Tgs College is here to save you through its interactive virtual classes. Tgs College is here to save many who do not meet the university-qualifying intake requirements. And some who do qualify can not afford university fees. Acquiring scholarships and bursaries is not easy. Tgs TVET college tuition fees is affordable so that everyone can afford to study and secure their future.

About TVET colleges

TVET colleges issues national certificates and diploma qualifications. Technical Vocational and Education Training (TVET) colleges focus on vocational and occupational education and training with the aim of preparing students to become functional workers in a skilled trade.

Yes, TVET Colleges offer a wide variety of diplomas. TVET courses are aligned with the needs of the local communities and industries. These TVET courses can lead to National Certificates (Vocational) and diplomas

Anyone who’ve completed Grade 9 or up can attend TVET college. University post-graduates can also enroll for courses at TVET Colleges.

Visit the TVET college website. Apply online. At Tgs college lectures are discussion-based. visually-enhanced. With a lot of demonstrations. Interactive. You will enjoy your time with Tgs college. Choose your short course now.

List of TVET colleges are still open for 2024 registration which includes:

  • Tgs college
  • Taletso TVET College
  • Mopani TVET College
  • Northlink TVET College 

Yes, you do graduate at a TVET college. The graduation ceremony is a formal occasion.

If you plan to enrol for classes at a Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college. Visit their website and apply online. Fill in the form. Upload supporting documents and submit.

TVET Colleges are for vocational and occupational education and training. Preparing students to become functional workers in a skilled trade.

Yes, several TVET colleges are still open for 2024 applications. Providing a lifeline for students who may have missed application deadlines.

TVET stands for Technical Vocational Education and Training. TVET colleges offer a range of employment opportunities.

There are two main qualifications offered by TVET colleges which are:
National Certificate (Vocational) qualifications, the NC (V), and.
National Accredited Technical Education Diploma (NATED)

TVET colleges are often perceived as second-rate institutions compared to universities. This is the only disadvantages I am aware of.

TVET colleges FAQ's

Yes, Unisa is also registered as a TVET college(Technical Vocational Education and Training college).

TVET colleges often offer a range of courses that are shorter in duration compared to traditional higher education programs.

These courses are designed to prepare students for the job market and provide them with practical skills that can lead to employment opportunities or further studies. So they provide young people with an attractive alternative to university education.

Tgs college is still open for applications. Tgs college is one of the best TVET college in South Africa.

For you to know that you have been accepted by a TVET college, they do send you an email once you are accepted. If you are not accepted they do send a rejection letter.

TVET colleges are better than a university because they offer practical training while universities offer theory only. Apart from practical training TVET colleges are cheaper than universities.

A minimum requirement for studying at a TVET college is a grade 9 pass. But certain courses do require a matric certificate

Benefits of studying at a TVET college includes affordable tuitions fees, practical training, skills development, high employment opportunities, entrepreneurship skills, etc

TVET colleges that have an agreement with Unisa
ProvinceName of TVET collegeWebsite
Eastern CapePort Elizabeth College
KwaZulu-NatalUmgungundlovu TVET College
Western CapeCollege of Cape Town
South Cape College

Yes NSFAS fund TVET colleges which are owned by the government(public TVET colleges). NSFAS provides financial assistance in the form of a study bursary to qualifying students who wish to study or are already studying at TVET colleges and public universities