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Fully accredited colleges in Johannesburg. Internationally recognized. Work abroad Program. Paid internships. Career Focused Training. Learn while you earn. Excellent student experience
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Welcome to Tgs college

A gateway to global exposure. An opportunity to meet new people. Internationally recognized for producing industry ready graduates. Empowering you with holistic learning. Learn from Home. Study while you work. Secure your future.

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Tgs college is one of the best private colleges in Johannesburg. Choose your preferred program from over 20 fully accredited study programs. Tgs college is offers internationally recognized certificates, diplomas and degree qualifications.
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Why everyone choose Tgs college?

We have companies all over the world who are ready to employ you. There is only 2 requirements. One is that you pass. While the other is that you choose to work abroad.

Tgs college will arrange paid internships for you, when the time for you to for internships is due. This will assist you make money. While at the same time gathering experience. 

Earn while you learn. While you are studying you will be given practical work to gain knowledge. And you will be paid based on your performance for every approved practical work by our partner companies. Who will use your work.

Tgs college is registered and fully accredited in South Africa, United kingdom and United states.
73% of our graduates are employed. 17 companies are waiting to employ you. Because we produce industry ready graduates.
Unlike traditional institutes who focus on theory. Taught by lecturers who also learnt theory. You will be going through practical training by industry leaders.
Every person is different. So you need personalized learning that matches your learning speed, weaknesses and strengths. The reason why Tgs college has high pass rate.
You deserve a modern institution that answers your calls, emails and chats promptly and professionaly.
Your lectures will be discussion-based. visually-enhanced. With a lot of demonstrations. Interactive. You will enjoy your time with Tgs college. Choose your short course now.

Alumni success stories

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Clik App
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Alumni testimonials

Kyla Swarts
Kyla Swarts
Fence SA
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I was employed in my 4th month by 2 fellow students to be in charge of their new company IT and web development. The salary is good. But I feel more good when clients praises the company's site which I developed.
Christiaan Cawood
Christiaan Cawood
Urban dots
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Because of the business management short course and the business mentorship program I now make over R1 600 000/m. We used to make an average of R170 000/m. And I was always left with nothing after expenses. It was like running a non profit.
Cornelia Thompson
Cornelia Thompson
Data scientist
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Tgs college's 6 months data science course gives you 2x more knowledge and experience than most 3 year degrees. But I benefited more from the connections I made while I was at Tgs college. Now I work remotely for 2 companies earning £7903/m.
Tilder Nyashadzashe
Tilder Nyashadzashe
Mushagashe training student
Read More
I have always wanted to study copywriting and nutrition so that I can start my blog. I am a better copywriter today because of Tgs college. But I miss everyone I met while studying at Tgs college. Not forgetting my lecturer Mr Gumbi. I will forever be grateful.

Study from home

Attend live virtual classes from the comfort of your home. Choose any of our practical short courses online. No more excuses. Meet new amazing people from all over the globe. And enjoy a vibrant global campus life. All courses are taught by industry leaders. 7 companies are waiting to employ you. Because we produce industry ready gradutaes. Secure your future today.
Study while working

Study while you work

You can now study while you work. Attend live virtual classes whenever you can. But if you miss any lecture, you can always access the lecture. At your own time and pace. And ask your lecturer any questions that you might have. And rest assured promotion and salary increase will be waiting for you. If not we have 7 companies waiting to employ you. Secure your future.

Frequently asked questions?

Yes Tgs college is a private college popularly known for producing industry ready graduates.
Yes Tgs college is an accredited college in South Africa, UK and in USA.
Yes we do. We have 7 companies waiting to employ you because we produce industry ready students.
Our business mentorship program is available to all our graduates free of charge who want to start or grow their business. We have employed different industry leaders fulltime to help you excel.

Our career mentorship program is available to all our graduates free of charge for those who want to start or excel in their career. We have employed different industry leaders fulltime to help you excel in your career free of charge.

Application questions

R200 once off. Non refundable.

Application closes any day from now.
  1. Passport copy or national ID copy of any nation
  2. Grade 10 or higher or form 4 or higher proof of completion or a letter from an employer confirming that you are working in a related industry
Note: For you to qualify you must have completed your grade 10 or form 4 regardless of your pass rate. Or employed in a related industry.
You can only apply online or via whatsapp.
  1. Visit
  2. Fill up your information and click next.
  3. Fill up your guardian/ next of kin and click next.
  4. Fill up information your about education.
  5. Upload your id copy and proof of your highest grade(you can take photos with your phone).
  6. Submit your application.
  7. Wait to be redirected to pay your application fee of R500.
  8. Your application will be processed within 7 days
  1. Send “apply” to +2777 289 1100 via whatsapp.
  2. Answer the following questions.
  3. Upload your id copy and proof of your highest grade(you can take photos with your phone).
  4. Pay your application fee of R500.
  5. Your application will be processed within 7 days
Yes, you must certify your documents at police station, post office, commissioner of oath or postnet.

Academic questions

Classes start on 03/06/2024 for the current intake.
After paying your first monthly or once off payment.
On the Student Information System (SIS)
Your study materials will be delivered to you after paying your first montly or once off payment.

Finance questions

6 months course: R8000 once off / R1500/m 1 month course: R3000 once off Note: We only offer distance online learning and short courses online
You can view our tuition fees here:

Yes, you will get a refund for the remaining months. Application fee is non refundable.

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All payments are allocated automatically. Kindly use your registered ID/passport number as payment reference for EFT payments.